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Back in 2008, director Michel Gondry made the small-budget comedy Be Kind Rewind. In it, Mos Def and Jack Black have to team up to recreate a whole bunch of different movies by themselves after an accident causes all of the VHS tapes in the rental place where Mos Def works to get erased. They wind up remaking a large variety of movies, from Ghostbusters to Driving Ms. Daisy to Rush Hour 2, but perhaps the most memorable of the group was their take on Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop. Now we have a case of life imitating art, because various groups of filmmakers have come together to recreate their own micro-budget remake of RoboCop.

Brought to our attention by Giant Freakin Robot, the crowd-sourced film was created by a mix of 50 amateur and professional filmmakers from Los Angeles and New York who agreed to split the 1987 action classic into parts to be remade. Rather than being an exact shot-for-shot remake, it is instead the various interpretations of the movie in the hands of the different teams. That means that you're not only going to see normal live-action, but also a bit of animation, puppetry, and even a few clips from the original film.

Of course, this seems to be the season for RoboCop remakes:

Last month we saw the new version of RoboCop, directed by Jose Padilha, roll into theaters and introduce a new generation to the titular cyborg hero. Though the movie got a tepid reception from critics and was ranked #3 in its domestic opening weekend, the film has had a lot of success in international markets where it has already made approximately $136 million, bringing its global total to $188 million. The success means that we could end up seeing a sequel at some point, but right now it's unclear if that's in the cards (and we have heard strong voices both for and against the idea). At the very least we can hope that it's better than the original RoboCop 2.

And now, just because I wrote about it and it's a fun film, here is that scene from Be Kind Rewind I was talking about.

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