Robocop Sales Poster Confirms New Costume Design

When photos emerged the other day from the Toronto set of Sony's RoboCop remake, a lot of fans were disappointed to see the all-black, somewhat generic look of Joel Kinnaman's costume. It was an update form the 1987 original, sure, but also way too similar to typical superhero costumes. The one ray of hope for a lot of fans was that these were just photos taken on the set, and maybe there would be updates in CGI or additional costume elements that just weren't captured in those photos.

Except, we've actually had evidence for a few months now that all-black was RoboCop's new look, thanks to a photo snapped at a Licensing Expo back in June, and now emerging in proper format online via Argentina's Cine1. Take a look at that poster below:

Now, for comparison, here's one of the photos of Joel Kinnaman on the set as RoboCop, snapped last week:

With RoboCop still under production, and being guided by Brazilian talent Jose Padilha, criticizing it for the look of the costume feels both premature and kind of unfair. Costumes always look bizarre out of context, when a guy is just walking between a row of trailers and lit by the sun. And who honestly cares how much this costume looks like the original RoboCop and how much he looks like Tony Stark in his armor? What will make or break the new RoboCop isn't anything we can see on the set, but what emerges in the trailers and, of course, the final film, which is currently set for release August 9 next year.

Let us know in the comments what ou think of this new RoboCop costume, and if you're still holding out hope based on what Kinnaman said in this interview, about the potential of the new costume, and how Padilha hinted that the costume might be based on actual neuroscience. Do you think all that talk will come to nothing, or will this costume look more interesting once we see it in action?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend