Music lovers and Broadway buffs eagerly awaited the unveiling of Tom Hooper's ambitious adaptation of Les Misérables. Not only was he tackling one of the biggest, most iconic Broadway musicals of all time, but also The King's Speech director collected cast of A-listers to headline. Additionally, Hooper took a major risk by having the cast sing their songs live, as opposed to in a studio, where they could be polished, then lip-synced to on set.

Reactions to this method have been mixed. Here at Cinema Blend, Katey rallied behind the musical, giving it four stars in her review, and Eric declared its "I Dreamed a Dream" to be among the best movie music moments of the year. On the other hand, Sean and I were sorely disappointed and presented 10 reasons why. Then, showman and pop star Adam Lambert joined our ranks, slamming the Hollywood stars' sometimes strained attempt at singing, calling it "distracting" to the film's emotional subtext.

This was a complaint Sean and I shared, feeling that Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, who are typically heavy hitters in manly roles, couldn't carry the incredibly difficult song numbers they attempted. Now Crowe himself has answered to the criticism, and his reply might surprise you. Since Lambert unleashed his review on Twitter, it's fitting that Crowe responded in kind to Lambert's assertion that studio recordings where a music producer could have "sweetened the vocals," tweeting:

Frankly, considering Crowe's notoriously short temper, I'm surprised that his response is so measured here. As for Hooper wanting the emotion to be raw, to his credit they are. The problem as Lambert sees it—and yes, I agree—is that Hooper largely cast actors who can sing, not singers who can act. It may seem a petty distinction, but while Jackman has performed on Broadway, the role of Jean Valjean is one that requires an incredible skill that even the man from The Boy From Oz didn't totally pull off, much less the frontman from 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. But at least we can all agree Anne Hathaway nailed it.

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