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Sam Raimi's career has never been predictable. The once indie director achieved billion dollar success with Spider-Man, and wound up departing that franchise at the peak of its success to go over to Disney and make Oz The Great And Powerful. But he's not sticking around for sequels, and has instead used the time since involving himself in various projects only to drop later, and instead boost his producing credentials. He's become his own version of a mercenary blockbuster auteur now, and it's anyone's guess what he'll direct next. The latest development is a surprise, however. Sam Raimi might be going to the Middle East for The Outpost.

Deadline reports that Sam Raimi will produce and possibly direct an adaptation of the book The Outpost: An Untold Story Of American Valor. The story is similar to the recent Lone Survivor in that it involves impossible odds, detailing a true-life siege upon American Combat Outpost Keating in Kamdesh, Eastern Afghanistan. Reportedly there were 400 Taliban warriors on the attack against only 53 American soldiers. The result was a day-long firefight that resulted in America's survival and the awarding of two Medals of Honor, the first time multiple awards were given to two soldiers for the same battle since 1963.

While Raimi has experimented with several genres throughout his career, it's hard to imagine the man behind The Evil Dead is interested in depicting death and destruction in a way that actually hurts. The Battle Of Kamdesh wound up killing eight U.S. soldiers, and 150 Taliban militants. The honor of America's armed forces is considerable, but it's hard to discuss the "valor" in this film's title when there are 158 corpses lying around. With Hollywood mounting more critical films like Blackwater and the biopic on Stanley McChrystal, perhaps Raimi is simply seeing a chance to honor the hearts and minds of those who were touched by the conflict in the Middle East - those who did see a better tomorrow as a result of American occupation. Also, Lone Survivor made $150 million. GETTIN' DEM CHECKS.

This likely means for diehard fans that, yes, that chatter about Evil Dead 4 was silly. Raimi has made a pattern of setting up and running away from projects, ditching properties like Warcraft and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. But lately he's been floating adrift without a paddle. Oz The Great And Powerful made a ton of cash, finishing at $493 million, which certainly does no harm to his track record.

Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson (The Fighter) are currently writing a script that Raimi is supervising. Said Raimi in a statement about the development of the new film, "The Outpost is an epic story of bravery, courage, and sacrifice of our men in uniform, and is absolutely a picture meant for the big screen. I’m honored to be a part of it." His quotes suggest something of a patriotic duty to make this film, so this might well be his next big endeavor.

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