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Sam Raimi To Remake The Day Of The Triffids

It's not tremendously well known, but when Alex Garland was writing 28 Days Later his greatest source of inspiration was the 1962 film Invasion of the Triffids (originally known as The Day of the Triffids). When you look at them closely, they share quite a few qualities: hero waking up in a hospital, apocalyptic scenario and soldiers trying to establish a new world. It was a remake without being a remake and easily one of the best horror films of the past decade. Apparently some people didn't get Garland's nuanced approach, however, because now they are making a straight remake of the source material. Deadline reports that Mandate Pictures has won the rights to John Wyndham's book The Day of the Triffids at auction and now, through Sam Raimi's Ghost House label, they will make a new film. According to the article, Raimi was a huge fan of the 1962 film and plans to direct the adaptation himself.

Raimi is a terrific director and I'd loved to see him make more horror movies, but this is a case where he should just leave well enough alone. The Triffids story has been done plenty of times and doesn't need to be done again (there was a UK miniseries made just last year). The horror genre needs originality from filmmakers like Sam Raimi - not rehashes.

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