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Scoop: Terminator 4 Plot Details

Terminator fans have been in a mini-uproar since the news broke yesterday that Anton Yelchin had been hired to play a teenage version of Kyle Reese opposite Christian Bale as a 30-year-old John Connor in Terminator 4. At issue is the age difference, which would make Reese more like Connor’s little brother than the best friends the franchise had previously set them up as.

Today though we’ve gotten some detailed information from one of our most reliable scoopers on just how this whole Reese/Connor thing is going to work. She’s sent us spot on stuff before, but of course since we have to keep her identity anonymous consider everything here as just rumor. But our scooper confirms that Reese won’t be some bit player in the movie. Instead, he “will be the central character in the films.” Our source compares it to Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen in the Star Wars prequels, saying “Just like the Star Wars prequels when it was the relationship between Anakin and Obi Wan that drove the three films, that's the concept for the new Terminator films when its between the relationship of Kyle and John, who is really father and son but with the moral dilemma with John knowing what has to be done in order for him to be born.”

So maybe there’s a massive age difference between John Connor and Kyle Reese, but it sounds like Reese will still be a huge part of not only this movie, but any future Terminator movies.

Those movies by the way, our source says “will also address the terminators and their evolution including the terminators of the first three films.” And somewhat surprising, there may actually be direct connections between the movie and the recently aired Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series. Our source says, “they might connect the TV Series to the original three films as well but that depends if for one Fox decided to continue the series and if the people in charge want to have those plot lines cross over with this new trilogy.”

The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been great, and though there’s been no official decision on it yet, all indications are that the series will eventually get a second season. Now maybe there’s even more incentive for Fox to make that second season happen, if they can tie the TV series and the new movie together.