When Monsters University was first announced, it was easy to grumble about the Monsters Inc. prequel. Clearly a cash grab right? It's not like Pixar could possibly come up with another engaging story in their richly detailed universe filled with monsters of every shape and size? You know, in retrospect, our negative attitudes may have been uncalled for. But to be fair, the awfulness of Cars 2 cut us deep.

But Pixar has been steadily winning us over on their latest sequel. First they re-released Monsters Inc on 3D, teasing out how the evolving technology could give this sequel some added oomph. Then came an extended preview, detailing what inspired the filmmakers to look back into Mike and Sulley's past. John Goodman introduced the first clip wherein the beastly buds try to wrangle Monster University's mascot scare-pig in their dorm room, and a recruitment video revealed all the perks of old MU. Now a trailer out of Japan shows the most detailed look yet, including an adorable peek at little Mike Wazowski in his grade school days.

Monsters University reveals how Mike and Sulley met in college. And while we all know they grew to be deeply bonded best friends, things between the two started out rough with each trying desperately to get into the esteemed university's exclusive Scare Program. The voice cast is made up of some returning talent (John Goodman, Billy Crystal, and Steve Buscemi) as well as a brilliant batch of new additions, like Helen Mirren, Charlie Day, Ricky Gervais, Frank Oz, and Alfred Molina.

Monsters University opens on June 21st. For more on the movie, including trailers, concept art and a colorful photo gallery, click here.

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