See One Fangirl's Fantastic Scott Pilgrim Proposal

Though Edgar Wright's imaginative romantic comedy Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was a box office bomb (or bob-omb if you will), it won the hearts of critics as well as of fans of Bryan Lee O'Malley's spirited comic book series. And so when one devoted fangirl was looking for the perfect way to pop the question to her favorite fanboy, she did so while paying homage to the pair's beloved comic.

But rather than facing off against his "evil" exes, she planned a trip to Toronto, where both the comics and movie were set. There she presented her boyfriend Dylan with a scavenger hunt that led them all over Scott Pilgrim's turf with stops at Dundas Square, Sneaky Dee's, the Baldwin Steps and finally Casa Loma, where she proposed with further Scott Pilgrim flair. Along the way they documented their trip by snapping shots of her soon-to-be fiancé holding up a corresponding page from the comic.

You can see a few pics of this hearted proposal below, or check out the whole thing at this anonymous romantic's imgur album:

Here's a look at Honest Ed's a thrifty super store where Scott first faces off against Todd Ingram in Volume 3. Though this fight is staged elsewhere in the movie, Honest Ed's does get some screentime in the background of one Scott and Knives' dates.

Next up a trip to Lee's Palace, where Sex Bob-omb opened for Envy Adam's band, and where Scott has his climactic battle against Todd.

Above is Dylan atop the Baldwin steps where Scott tricked evil ex Lucas Lee to his demise by convincing him to grind the massive flight of stairs handrail. Our savvy fangirl's caption notes, "The rails are garbage."

And finally, Casa Loma, where Scott first meets Lucas, and where Dylan earned a fiancé. The original caption reveals our unnamed photographer diligently created this image in MS Paint. She gets bonus points for Dylan actually donning the shirt his avatar's wearing, but the bets bit of fan art laid out in this proposal is definitely within the box that held their rings:

Congratulations to the happy couple. May your wedding day be epic.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.