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Seth Rogen And Barbra Streisand Hit The Road In The Guilt Trip Trailer

You probably never would have thought to call Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand a match made in heaven, but that's what they're looking like anyway in The Guilt Trip, the upcoming comedy in which they play mother and son on a pretty unlikely road trip together. After getting a look at a handful of images recently, we've finally got a trailer for the film, which you can watch below.

Yes, in a way this is pretty much just a setup for a movie that's nothing but Jewish mother jokes. But when that Jewish mother is played by Barbra Streisand, you have to pay attention, especially when she's taking on her first starring role since 1996's The Mirror Has Two Faces. And even though Rogen has kind of a crass stoner reputation, he doesn't really deserve it, having played fully rounded-out characters in films like Take This Waltz and Knocked Up. He may be a schlub, but he's a menschy schlub, and someone with an innate warmth that ought to make him well-suited to a road trip movie like this.

The Guilt Trip is directed by Anne Fletcher, who previously made the smash hit Sandra Bullock-Ryan Reynolds romantic comedy The Proposal. In other words, she is not a woman you want to underestimate, and even though The Guilt Trip is one of the smaller Christmas releases this year, it's got a ton of potential to take everyone by surprise. After all imagine yourself with your family around the holidays, trying to figure out what everyone will want to see. Is it going to be Django Unchained or Zero Dark Thirty? Probably not. The Guilt Trip is the family compromise movie that also looks funny enough to be worth the time.

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