This weekend's domestic box office was uncommonly slow, with Argo taking the top spot in its third week essentially by default, making just $12 million. But overseas, the holiday moviegoing season is already off to a massive start. The new James Bond adventure Skyfall opened in the United Kingdom and 24 other countries over the weekend, and made $77.7 million, with $32.4 million of that coming from the United Kingdom alone.

That UK gross actually sets a record-- according to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie broke the all-time record for highest Saturday attendance at a movie, and is the second-biggest opening of all time, behind only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. That attendance record might be the most meaningful stat in Skyfall's favor-- though new releases routinely break records for money, movie attendance has been falling for years, and it takes a lot for a new movie to bring people into theaters in the kinds of droves they used to. Skyfall also set the record for the best-opening Bond movie in Brazil.

Here in the United States, we'll have another slow-ish weekend to go through-- click here for some details and predictions about the coming week's new releases-- and then Skyfall will arrive on November 9 and, if this pattern holds, set all kinds of other box office records here. Quantum of Solace currently holds the record for the biggest Bond opening in the United States, making $67 million when it opened in 2008. That's a tough number to beat, especially for movies that aren't aimed at kids or rabid tweens, but if anyone's capable of overcoming a challenge, it's probably Bond.

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