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Back in late November it looked like the next big actor race would be for the leads in Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Killer. A shortlist for both Jack and the princess came online, with names like Aaron Johnson, Nicholas Hoult, Lily Collins, and Juno Temple. Two months later we still don't have any idea who will be playing the leads, but we do have our villain.

THR reports that Singer has hired Stanley Tucci to play the villain in his fairy tale film. Before you start imagining a sixty-foot tall Stanley Tucci, however, it should be noted that he won't be playing a giant. Instead, the veteran actor will play an assistant to the throne with plans to usurp power (think Jafar in Aladdin without the Gilbert Gottfried parrot). But while Tucci won't be playing a giant in the film, Bill Nighy and John Kassir will. The two will work together to play Fallon, the two-headed leader of the giants. In the story, written by longtime Singer collaborator Christopher McQuarrie, the longstanding truce between giants and humans is tested when a princess is kidnapped and a young farmer, named Jack, leads a rescue mission to find her.

While we may not know who will be playing the characters that we will be rooting for, they've already managed to knock it out of the park in the villain department. Stanley Tucci is never not awesome, and this kind of underhanded character is right in his wheelhouse. As for Nighy and Kassir, all you have to do is imagine a giant with the voices of Davy Jones and The Crypt Keeper. Like I said, perfect.

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