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With the 3D trend visibly dying out, movie theaters and studios are looking for even more ways to get people to actually leave their houses to go to the movies, and thus far the hippest new thing is IMAX. The large format that used to be limited to planetariums has been used to dazzling effect in films like The Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Gravity, and more and more filmmakers are adopting it to make their big-budget spectacles all the more spectacular. Will J.J. Abrams be the next to jump on board?

According to the folks at IMAX-- who, granted, have a vested interest in spreading this news-- he sure is. Ain't It Cool picked up on a hint from IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond that IMAX is "taking to J.J. Abrams' team now" about using IMAX for at least some scenes in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. That ought to be enough to get most geeks to stop dead in their tracks-- imagine that iconic text crawl on a screen 8 stories high! Abrams is no stranger to IMAX, having used the cameras for about 30 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness (you can click here to see him talk about the experience of using the IMAX cameras). Most directors who try out IMAX once tend to return to it, and it's no surprise that, with the challenge of making the galaxy far, far away seem bigger than ever, Abrams would want to use the world's biggest picture format to get there.

Technically this is still just another Star Wars rumor to throw on the pile, but it rings of a lot more truth than most of the others, especially coming straight from the IMAX CEO himself. If you want to wade into dicier waters, you can click here for everything we know-- or think we know-- so far, or check out some of the latest rumors, including possible roles for David Oyelowo and/or Michael B. Jordan and Saoirse Ronan, and Abrams' vague comments about how he wants the film to feel "real." Will the IMAX cameras help him pull that off? If I had to bet, I'd say he'll definitely go that route.

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