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Steven Soderbergh continues to be one of the most innovative directors in the business. Sure, that doesn't always lead to quality work, but it does mean that he's trying out insane things that other directors don't. He's hired a porn star to act in a small indie movie. He made a six-hour biopic about a communist activist. He's released movies simultaneously on DVD and in theaters. Now it seems he's trying to break the record for fastest filming.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, while in Australia directing his play Tot Mom, Soderbergh was able to film a mostly improvised movie. This is very similar to the fast, unscripted nature of his films, Bubble and The Girlfriend Experience. There are virtually no details known about the film other than it exists and that it was filmed in Australia. The film is not to believed to have any relation to Tot Mom, his play about the true story of a missing toddler in Florida.

So what is Soderbergh going to do next? Will he try to film a movie in one day? Maybe he'll try to release five or six movies in one year! Or maybe he'll try to find a way to cast some broken pop star like Britney Spears in a really small indie flick. Either way, it doesn't seem as though the lackluster reception of The Informant! or his lost project Moneyball are slowing him down. Maybe they should have, though.

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