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This week saw the release of the exciting teaser trailer for JJ Abrams' secret Spielberg team-up project; Super 8. Inside the trailer, hidden in the flickering camera lens at the end was some text. Being an Abrams production naturally this text turned out to be a URL for viral site; www.scariestthingieversaw.com. We decided to give it a whirl and try and see what secrets Abrams has hidden inside.

Visiting the site gives you a mock-up of some retro windows-style computer interfaces with a few email/printer/notepad icons along the bottom and a window running a late 70s style text interface containing some kind of cryptic program and giving you a few Y/N options to continue. Inputting yes to all of these eventually brings up a screen which is apparently "loading" sectors at a terminally slow rate. No... REALLY slow. The loading screen is actually a countdown.

What you might not have noticed is that you can reduce the window size and move it. Moving it reveals a print dialog box which if you accept, pushed a piece of paper out of your print for you with a cryptic message...
Stop posting publicly. I can answer your questions. I have proof.

We're still waiting for our sectors to load, but with options to Execute and Commit to Tape Drive (secretly save something to your HDD?) as well as the icons on the bottom tray, who knows what else there is to discover.

More viral shenanigans as we work them out...