New Superman Female Lead May Be URSA; Is Zod Coming With Her?

A lot of geeky heads were sent spinning on Thursday, when a new rumor hit about the female lead for Zack Snyder's Superman. Apparently Lois Lane wasn't even going to be in the film, and the endless list of actresses we'd been hearing were actually auditioning for a different female lead role. What female? And why not Lois? Nobody seemed to know.

But now Latino Review says they've got some information from "a most trusted reliable source" who tells them that Lois Lane is in fact in the movie, but there's another female role that Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike have all been in for-- a Kryptonian villainess named URSA. The character appeared in the first two Richard Donner movies, imprisoned alongside General Zod in the first film and returning to earth with him in the second, hating all of human kind and especially men. You may remember Zack Snyder claiming that rumors of Zod appearing in his Superman were just that-- unsubstantiated, no reason to believe them-- but it's hard to imagine him bringing in URSA without including Zod too.

If this URSA rumor gets confirmed, expect news about Zod one way or another to come not along after it. The best part of all this may be that we don't have to give up on Lois after all-- Spider-Man without Mary Jane is one thing, but Clark without Lois was just feeling all wrong.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend