Take A Video Tour Of The Real-Life Replica Of The Up House

Pixar has long been praised for the incredible film worlds they've created. Worlds so rich with detail and life that movie audiences gladly proffer bonus bucks to dive into them more deeply with 3D. But what if you could actually step into these worlds? More specifically, what if you could make the dream house of Up's Carl & Ellie Fredricksen your own? That was the inspiration for Bangerter Homes, who custom build houses, and so created an awe-striking replica of the lovely Fredricksen home that flew the cantankerous widower Carl to new adventures and a new lease on life.

We first showed you snapshots of this exterior of this incredible construction when the house went on sale in 2011, but now its newly minted homeowners have been kind enough to take all of us inside with a video tour, which you can check out below. (Hat tip to Vulture for finding this gem!)

Did you spot the aviator goggles on the hat rack? How about Carl's tennis ball-footed cane? The videographer is careful to pan and stroll slowly, revealing the interior's striking interior that brings to life so many touching elements from the movie that it is literally breathtaking.

Unfortunately though understandably, this is the closest most of us will ever get to the real-life Up house, as it is now a private residence, and not open to actual tours. Still, the owners offer this vid along with a Facebook page that offers the house's address and invites fans of the film to take pictures of their home in Herriman, Utah, from just outside its pretty white picket fence.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.