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Taylor Lautner probably wants to think of himself as the new Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio-- teen idol turned serious actor-- but is it possible he's actually the new Matthew Modine? According to E! Online, Lautner is in negotiations to start in a remake of 1985's Vision Quest, the romance that starred Modine as a high school wrestler who fell in love with an older woman staying as a boarder at his house.

Lautner did karate as a kid-- seriously check this out-- and we all know there are millions of older women who would die for the chance to teach him a thing or two about love. Sounds like a pretty natural next step for Team Jacob Nation-- but we probably ought to wait until Lautner turns 18 before we start showing him, ahem, coming of age. Though that's happening next February, so Hollywood, start your engines!

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