Terminator 5 May Drop 'Genesis' From Its Title

Quick, name the subtitles of the last two Terminator movies! Dawn of the something or others? Rise of Justice? Is there a Deathly Hallows in there? My point being that it doesn’t really matter what words you put after the term Terminator. At that point, we’re either coming, or we aren’t… and Paramount might have figured that out.

Bleeding Cool reports, from various sources, that Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genesis will be dropping the word Genesis from its title and simply going with Terminator. Not The Terminator. Not Terminator Begins (though it is being suggested that the movie will reset the Terminator mythology in a way that Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins reconfigured the Dark Knight’s legacy). Just Terminator.

The site notes, however, that this news largely comes from "various bits of licensing, merchandise and toys that will tie into the next Terminator film," which BC reports are "being branded as just Terminator tie-ins." That doesn’t necessarily mean that the movie is going to follow suit, though for marketing purposes, it would make sense for their to be a seamless marriage of movie and toy when…

Wait, toys? Aimed at kids? When the hell did the Terminator movies appeal to kids?? No matter what subtitle you are slapping on these movies, they are not supposed to be family-friendly. This doesn’t exactly scream, "Bring the kids!"

I guess he doesn’t kill anyone. Points for effort?

Back to the potential name change for a minute. Does it matter to you what Paramount ultimately decides to call Terminator 5? Would you be content with just numbering the sequels, the way Rocky movies used to do it back in the day? All we want is an entertaining movie, after all, right? When we end up describing this new Terminator movie in a few years, we’re all going to be reduced to calling it, "You know, the one with the Game of Thrones girl and Bruce Willis’ son from the crappy Die Hard movie!"

Here’s what we actually do know about the upcoming Terminator movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in the fold, playing an aged version of his famous T-800. Emilia Clarke has been cast as Sarah Connor, while Dawn of the Planet of the Apes co-star Jason Clarke – who is nearly the same age as she – plays her son, John. Jai Courtney nabbed the role of Kyle Reese in the sequel. The production is filming in New Orleans, and is trying to meet a July 1, 2015 release date. Just about a year away now. Will it have a different title when it finally gets to theaters? Will we see some of Terminator at Comic-Con next month? We have questions. Will Paramount have answers?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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