2013 has been a great year for movies, so narrowing down our list of favorites was no easy task. As Cinema Blend has numerous writers with varying tastes in film, we decided to go solo this year in sharing our Top 10 lists of the best movies of 2013. Sean went first. Kristy went second. Eric went third. This is Mack’s list, which begins with Disney’s best effort in years.

10. Frozen
Being successful over the long haul involves some level of change. It requires keeping core values in place but adapting the specifics and even sometimes the messages as society ebbs and flows in different directions. Once upon a time, movie fans may have been eager to hear about princesses blindly falling in love with handsome strangers who later made all of their dreams come true, but we’re just not there anymore as an audience. We’re far too practical, and Frozen actually understands that.

Not only does the film incorporate some stunning music and pretty big laughs, it offers up a storyline that lovingly pokes fun at many of the Disney films that have come before. It’s not mean. It’s not disrespectful. It simply acknowledges that getting engaged to a man you’ve met for a few hours is one of the most idiotic things a girl could possibly do, and perhaps more importantly, it also has the thoughtfulness to let viewers know non-romantic love between sisters. can be every bit as beautiful and worth rooting for.

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