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No matter how often we laugh about his bad hair and over-the-top acting choices, Nicolas Cage is everywhere these days, toting around his lucky crack pipe in Bad Lieutenant (in theaters now), training Jay Baruchel in the art of magic in The Sorcerer's Apprentice (out next year), and in a DVD store somewhere near you, screaming about the end of the world in this year's Knowing.

And don't start thinking you're getting off the hook any time soon. Fandango is premiering the trailer for Season of the Witch, a medieval drama starring Cage as a knight freshly back from the Crusades and charged with bringing an accused witch to an abbey for exorcism. It all looks about a step or two above a Uwe Boll movie, with maybe slightly better special effects, and Cage's presence does nothing to convince me it'll be any better than that. Check out the trailer for yourself below, and by all means, make your own decision.

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