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Before last night's Oscars we were told over and over again that the night's theme would be "A Tribute To Movie Music," with whispers of planned musical numbers and host Seth MacFarlane clearly itching to get his Sinatra-style singing out there. Of course, when the actual awards aired, any theme was overshadowed by what happened onstage, from Jennifer Lawrence's trip on her way to accepting Best Actress to Ben Affleck's teary eyes accepting Best Picture for Argo.

But looking back, there were a whole lot of musical moments to take up time onstage (and make it so people like the Best Visual Effects winners got played off by the Jaws music). There was Adele, there was Barbra, there was Shirley Bassey… and somehow in that mix there was Russell Crowe, the actor famously mocked for his singing in Les Miserables. Did he do any better onstage? Relive the moment in the videos below.

If you want to relive Seth MacFarlane's big "We Saw Your Boobs" number from the beginning of the show, click here.

Let's start things off on a high note, with the always-stunning Adele, performing her Oscar-winning song "Skyfall" live for the first time. There were some clear sound mixing issues, with the orchestra drowning her out on that booming chorus, but that's a small price to pay to see Adele in all those amazing sequins.

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Keeping with the Bond theme, here's Shirley Bassey with her iconic Bond theme "Goldfinger," which somehow did not win an Academy Award to match Adele's. Doesn't matter, of course-- Bassey, in her shiny gold dress, looks like a human Oscar anyway, and she's got a voice that doesn't sound a day older than it did in 1965.

Now with the Bond divas out of the way, it's time for Russell Crowe and the Les Miserables crew, singing a slightly modified version of "One Day More" (Anne Hathaway's Fantine isn't part of the actual number) and kicking off with the Hugh Jackman-sung "Suddenly," which was nominated for Best Original Song. Sacha Baron Cohen was actually a surprise addition to the cast, which means pretty much every player in Les Miserables was united onstage-- a nice tribute to the movie that, sadly, stood no real chance of winning Best Picture. Of course, only about an hour later, Anne Hathaway took home Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film.

OK, fine, there's time for one more diva. Paying tribute to Marvin Hamlisch, the three-time Oscar winning composer who closed out the In Memoriam tribute, Barbra Streisand sang Hamlisch's "The Way We Were" in her inimitable Barbra way. She and Adele are pretty stiff competition for the biggest divas of the evening… and we love them for it.

For whatever reason they decided that the 10th anniversary of Chicago winning Best Picture was worthy of a tribute, so Catherine Zeta-Jones took the stage again to reprise her Oscar-winning role as Velma Kelly, in a number that proved she is clearly sacrificing virgins or something in order to avoid aging. Even though she clearly wasn't singing live, her dance moves and attitude made it more than enough.

And finally, here's Jennifer Hudson reprising her own Oscar-winning role from Dreamgirls, a.k.a. the movie in which she totally overshadowed Beyonce and kick-started her entire career. No one has ever really doubted Hudson's pipes since her win in 2007, but it's still fantastic to see her out there bringing down the house.

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