Watch Hans Zimmer's Inception Score Performed Live

Inception is a great movie, but it’s made even better by Hans Zimmer’s incredible score. Even if you haven’t seen the film, the music from the trailer has almost certainly found its way into your brain. Those blasting French horns, the pounding strings, the pulsing beat which takes over your subconcious as the orchestra swells and then pulls back, only to swell again. Inception’s score is so good, it can even make other things which are already really good, even better. For instance there’s what it does to the Dark Knight trailer.

What I’m getting at here is that the Inception score is really good. But how would it be performed live? Here’s your answer. Composer Hans Zimmer directed a musical ensemble in an amazing live performance of the film’s score at a premiere, someone video taped it, and now that video is right here online. Watch and listen:

Truthfully for me the score never works better than it does in short doses used in the movie’s trailer. But seeing those horns blasting away live, hearing the entire score performed all at once in a single shot, really does add another element of greatness. If Hans Zimmer goes on tour, I’m there. Forget Lady Gaga, I’ve got front row seats at Zimmer.

Josh Tyler