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Watch Monsters University Miss Out On March Madness Bracket

Sure, we like it too when Pixar commits to telling original stories instead of their distressing recent trend of churning out sequels. But there's something just so damn likable about the marketing so far for Monsters University, the upcoming prequel to what was itself one of Pixar's most likable movies, Monsters, Inc.. The above video was one of many posted to Mu Grumblr, a Tumblr supposedly written by a Monsters University sophomore, with some serious spiky green hair and an awkward personality to go with it.

The Tumblr includes a lot of typical musings you'd expect from any college sophomore, but written with classic little flourishes familiar to Monsters Inc. fans:

"Ugh. Midterms still. My Door Tech 204 take-home test is destroying me. I’ve written everything I know about hinge history — and i still have 1200 words to go. Kill me noowwwwwww!!

There are also a lot of little images and even gifs that seem to be specifically designed for this Tumblr, many of them with the classic Instagram filters. The kid even seems to be starting some memes, which of course are a little mysterious to those of us who aren't monsters:

All in all, A+ for effort. The Monsters University marketing has been generally spot-on so far, and with the promise of a glimpse inside the awkward first meeting between our heroes Mike and Sulley, there ought to be a strong emotional component to the movie in addition to all this silliness. Who knows if the Grumblr kid will play a major role in the movie, but I know I'll be looking for that spiky head in the background of every shot.

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