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2009's Star Trek reboot told a new story involving the origins of both Captain Kirk and his loyal science officer Spock. Seeing as Star Trek Beyond in theaters this summer, as well as the franchise's 50th anniversary being celebrated this year, it's a good time to recap the story that started it all over again. With that in mind, please enjoy the fan video "My Spock," based off of Hamilton's similarly named song, "My Shot."

YouTuber Jackson Lanzing created this tribute to both the Star Trek Beyond character, as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit musical, and it's quite something to watch. Taking one of Hamilton's most memorable songs and mashing it up with J.J. Abrams' 2009 relaunch actually works quite well, as Lanzing clearly knows Miranda's song inside and out. The cadence, as well as the subject matter, matches to a tee, making this mashup more of a tribute rather than just a topical parody. It's also insanely catchy to listen to.

Much like Alexander Hamilton, Spock is an immigrant of sorts when it comes to the ranks at Starfleet, especially due to his mixed Human / Vulcan heritage. Yet their outsider status, keen intellects, and matching passions to excel, both Hamilton and Spock went on to rise among their respective stations quickly and with great resolve. Of course, seeing as Alexander Hamilton's life choices lead to an ill-fated affair that would cost him the presidency, as well as an equally wise dual that would claim his life, we're going to go ahead and say that Star Trek's Spock wins this round. Unless there's some thing that Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin isn't telling us just yet.

If you've been looking for a pretty much play-by-play recap of 2009's Star Trek, then you really can't go wrong with "My Spock." Though if all of this talk about Hamilton and the song that inspired this homage has you curious / longing to hear the source material, you can listen to "My Shot" in the video included below.

Star Trek Beyond is set to be released on July 22, 2016.