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I’m not sure if I’m showing you this because it’s good, or because it’s so bad it must be seen to be believed. I’m pretty sure it’s not because it’s good, so it must be sort of like all the tsunami coverage. It’s so horrifying, you can’t look away.

Tara Reid was in The Big Lebowski. You barely remember her being in it, because she played what is without question the most minor part in a movie filled with minor characters. Even the nihilists are more memorable than her character, Bunny, the wife of the Big Lebowski. What you’ve probably been wondering is, what would the movie have been like with more Tara Reid? Or what if the movie was all Tara Reid? Ok you haven’t been wondering that, but if you were, then this would be the answer.

The following video is a parody trailer for The Big Lebowski 2, starring Tera Reid as everyone. Find out what she looks like with facial hair, right here.

Side note, this video is also the answer to the question: Is Tara Reid still alive? We can now definitively say maybe.