A steady buzz about the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, has been building for years. Buoyed by the hiring of Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes and the casting of Academy Award winning actor Javier Bardem, many fans began crossing their fingers that this film would rival Casino Royale in quality. Thus, it’s not a big shock that it’s been near bedlam among Bond fans the past few weeks after critics began raving about the picture.

Consequently, most of us don’t really need any more reasons to be excited. 007 supporters are already planning to turn out in droves on opening weekend, but since there’s no harm in injecting a little more energy, the powers that be behind Skyfall decided to surprise fans on Facebook with a new full-length trailer today. You can take a look at it below…

This looks like the perfect update to the Bond legacy. All of the better old films contained unique balances of sex appeal, over the top villainy, sweet technology and effortless charm and added a bit of a ludicrous flair. This seems to do the same thing but replaces ludicrous flair with in the moment intensity.

Skyfall opens on November 9. Theaters across the country should be packed; so, purchase your tickets early.

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