Watch Wes Anderson Not Direct Fantastic Mr. Fox

With the movie’s release only a few weeks away, the controversy around The Fantastic Mr. Fox continues. At issue is whether director Wes Anderson actually ever showed up to do any directing. The answer it seems is, probably not. But forget the he said she said between Anderson and his crew. Below we have video evidence.

In the following video you’ll see random footage taken from the Fantastic Mr. Fox set. You’ll see artisans and craftsman working away on detailed scale models, and then every once in awhile Wes Anderson strolls in to point in various directions. Here’s the thing worth noticing: Though the footage seems as though it’s taken over several different days, Wes Anderson is always wearing the same suit. It looks kind of like he showed up to get his face on the behind the scenes cameras and then never came back. I’m just guessing mind you, who knows.

Anderson has suggested this is some new technique he’s using, so maybe it’s justified. Still I’ve always been under the impression that the stop-motion genre’s more successful directors like say, Henry Selick, actually show up and get their hands dirty. Stop-motion is slow, painstaking work. If you’re not up for spending hours obsessing over the minutiae of models, stop-motion movies probably aren’t for you.

Check out behind the scenes footage from the Fantastic Mr. Fox set below:

Josh Tyler