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Whitney Houston's Final Performance Revealed In First Sparkle Trailer

What initially looked like a not-particularly-necessary remake of a not-particularly-classic film has taken on new, tragic significance, now that the upcoming Sparkle remake is officially Whitney Houston's final screen performance. Just after the legendary singer died in February the film's producers got out there raving about her performance, which seemed pretty opportunistic. Now the film has a trailer out there so we can see for ourselves, though if you were hoping to see a lot of Whitney, you'll be disappointed. The title character is played by former American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks, after all. Take a look at the action in the trailer below.

Alright, so there is a good bit of Whitney near the end there where she starts crooning, and she does seem to have a fairly meaty role as the mother of an aspiring girl group. But this clearly reads a supporting role, and was clearly going to be intended as such until Houston died, making her presence by far the most marketable thing about the movie. Maybe Jordin Sparks really does establish herself as a star worth watching with her role here, but watching this trailer it's hard not to just think she's getting int he way of the real star.

Sparkle, despite some rumors of a bumped-up release date, is still scheduled to come to theaters in August, and surely by then there will still be plenty of people eager to see Houston's last role. Though the movie itself looks like a slightly sub-Dreamgirls drama, the promise of music, glitz and starpower is pretty hard to resist. Even without Houston's draw, this one might wind up being worth catching.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend