The Witches On Screen In Stop-Motion!

Lets see how purple eyes look in clay! Alfonso Cuaron has announced to Empire that Guillermo Del Toro will be directing a re-make/adaptation of Roald Dahl’s infamously creepy The Witches. The movie will be filmed in stop motion animation.

Although Cuaron and Del Toro were originally set to co-direct, Del Toro will be taking the helm for this animated awesomeness. With the director neck deep in films, its fairly shocking that he’s able to take on such a loaded responsibility. But Cuaron claims that “Guillermo wrote this amazing screenplay really quickly." Wow, a genius in human form. Although he hasn’t yet waded into animation, Del Toro always roots his films (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy II, The Devil’s Backbone, etc.) deeply in fantasy realms and uses fantastical CGI to assist his visions.

The book was first adapted in 1990 by director Nicolas Roeg. Although the movie was intended for children, the plot is chilling to a person of any age. Dahl’s book follows the story of a young boy who stumbles upon a witches’ convention. The fantastical witches of the story mask their hideous corporeal form in order to walk among humans and make it their business to eradicate the children of the world. They hate children. The creepiest thing about The Witches is that they are among us, incognito and have hatred and murder on their minds. The young boy is able to recognize said witches because his wise grandmother taught him the traits in them to look out for.

Who knows when this film will come to a theater near you, but be warned, even if it's rated G, its guaranteed to give your kids nightmares.