Nobody can see all of the movies that come out in a year; there's not even enough time to catch up with all the good ones. We've all had the experience of reading a critic's year-end Top 10 less and slapping our heads, remembering that we heard great things about that one movie but never caught it. Or if you live in a small town, you're constantly frustrated that the movies critics are going crazy for never play anywhere near you, and take months to come out on DVD.

But even with theaters crowded with year-end Ocsar hopefuls, there are a ton of great movies out there you may have missed-- and you're not alone. We've picked a crop of 12 movies that, for one reason or another, were totally overlooked by most audiences, but deserve a second glance and a lot of love. From a blisteringly profane comedies to a lyrical Depression-era drama to Robert DeNiro's *actual* best performances of the year, these are 12 movies you probably missed-- but now you have the chance to fix that mistake.

Being Flynn
Everyone praising Robert De Niro for "finally" giving a good performance in Silver Linings Playbook clearly didn't bother to see him in Being Flynn, the intimately observed drama based on Nick Flynn's memoir about his relationship with his homeless, alcoholic father. As Nick Paul Dano gives a pretty typical Paul Dano performance, but De Niro is raw and angry and heartbreaking as his father, and Paul Weitz is back in his About A Boy wheelhouse, playing out all the complicated emotions without leaning too hard on schmaltz. It's a lovely New York period piece with excellent performances, and it made $540,000 total. Now's your chance to right that wrong.

Hello I Must Be Going
Melanie Lynskey, who made her screen debut alongside Kate Winslet's in Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures way back in 1994, was hilariously nominated for a Breakthrough Award at the Gotham Awards for her role in this sweet-natured comedy. Lynskey is no newcomer, but she is the best reason to catch up with this Sundance success, as she plays a recently divorced woman stuck at home with her parents and starting an illicit relationship with a much younger guy (Girls's Christopher Abbott). It's not groundbreaking indie stuff, but it's a familiar formula executed extremely well, and and long-awaited showcase for Lynskey's leading lady talents.

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