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Kristen Stewart

One of the hottest questions in Holywood right now is, "What's next for James Bond?" Will Daniel Craig return, or will another actor take the mantle? Kristen Stewart has an idea to take the character in a new direction, and it's interesting, to say the least. The Twilight actress would like to see James Bond become female, and if nothing else, her idea for an introduction is stellar. What if it turned out the "Bond Girl" was actually the super spy?

Kristen Stewart co-stars in the upcoming film Equals with Nicholas Hoult, an actor whose name has been reported as one of those that could be considered as the next James Bond. Speaking with E!, Stewart believes that the James Bond formula has been getting a little stale, but she has a pretty interesting idea on how to freshen it up, cast a woman in the lead. Also, don't tell anybody:

You start off as the Bond girl, and then you think it's just the girlfriend and then you're like, 'She's actually [Bond].' In the trailer, it's him and then [there's a] bait and switch.

It's certainly an interesting idea. Imagine seeing a trailer for a new James Bond movie, having it full of a new guy in the role, only to discover that in the actual movie, Bond is actually the one that you thought was simply the eye candy. It's a fascinating concept, that would almost certainly leave many moviegoers absolutely furious. To be fair, some would love it. So often, it's impossible to be surprised at the movies anymore. If the filmmakers were actually able to keep this role switch a secret right up until opening weekend, it would be a masterstroke. We'd have to give them credit just for pulling it off.

While the bait-and-switch tactic would certainly upset some people, that doesn't mean the general idea of a female James Bond is a bad one. At this point, the character has been played by so many different actors that the name is really just a name. Many fan theories regarding the character posit that the name James Bond is really just a code name anyway, given to each agent after his predecessor retires or dies. If that really was the case, then there's no reason that the name couldn't be given to a woman. It would certainly reinvent things. And hey, the word is the studio is looking at a woman to direct the next Bond movie, so why not a female star as well?

Bond is in a state of flux, at the moment. We still don't know whether Daniel Craig is officially done, and the name of who the frontrunner is to replace him seems to change every couple of weeks. Should a James Bond of a different gender be considered? Is Kristen Stewart onto something here? Let us know what you think.

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