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Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones' fame has been rising in recent years thanks to her work Saturday Night Live and appearances in Trainwreck, Mastermind, Workaholics and more. However, her role as Patty Tolan in the Ghostbusters reboot is without a doubt her biggest project yet. After the movie's release, she'll no doubt be considered for other major projects, and should the opportunity come along to appear in a Marvel movie, Jones already has a character in mind of her own creation.

When IGN noted how the new Ghostbusters movie felt similar to a superhero movie, Leslie Jones expressed interest in playing a Marvel villain, not a hero. However, rather than play an established evildoer, she came up with a villain who sounds both bizarre and extremely dangerous, She explained:

We'd have to make one up. Where my hair just grows every time I get angry. And it grows, and it grows and it grows. And my voice has these things that come out and kill people.

Okay, so how exactly would this work? Does Leslie Jones' villainous character have to grow out her hair for the sonic waves to come out, or could her screams be just as destructive without the hair growth? Did she accidentally gain these powers or deliberately after herself to both emit sonic waves and lengthen the hair at her discretion? Whatever this villain's backstory is, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't want to run into her, with or without my own powers. She sounds like a freaking mix between X-Men member Banshee and Inhuman Royal Family member Medusa, neither of whom would use their abilities for evil.

Peculiar idea aside, the chances of such a character appearing in live action are slim to none. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced few original characters, and the villains they've gone with come directly from the comics rather than someone brand new. However, that doesn't mean we won't possibly see Leslie Jones eventually appear in a Marvel movie. There are still a few Phase Three movies that haven't begun or finished casting yet, and Phase Four kicks off at the end of the decade. If there's a movie in need of her comedic talents, said story would certainly be funnier. If the big screen doesn't have anything for her, maybe one of the TV shows can fit her in somewhere.

You can watch Leslie Jones demonstrate her super villain idea for yourself in the video below.

Leslie Jones can be seeing hunting down supernatural beings alongside Melissa McCarthy, Kirsten Wiig and Kate McKinnon when the Ghostbusters reboot finally hits theaters this Friday.

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