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The last few years have seen some pretty solid grounded sci-fi films hit theaters. From Alex Garland's poignant Ex Machina, to Ridley Scott's thoroughly researched The Martian, outlandish tales set within the realm of scientific possibility have captured our imagination recently. Denis Villeneuve's first contact thriller, Arrival, just screened for critics at the Toronto Film Festival, and it sounds like it's poised to keep that momentum going. Seriously, it sounds like the critics cannot get enough of it.

Arrival Amy Adams

As soon as Arrival screened, many of the Internet's most trusted critics took to Twitter to sing the film's praises. Fandango's own Erik Davis cited Arrival as one of the year's top cinematic outings, calling it "hauntingly nerdy," and a film that self-respecting sci-fi nerds will "flip" for.

Building off of that enthusiasm, SlashFilm's Angie Han echoed those sentiments, and zeroed in on Amy Adams' performance as a particularly engaging aspect of the film. Not only did Han commend Amy Adams in her role as linguistics expert Dr. Louise Banks; she also asserted that Adams fully deserves official recognition when award season rolls around. If she does in fact get on Oscar nod for Arrival, it will mark her sixth nomination throughout her career.

The praise for Amy Adams continued when Collider's Adam Chitwood tweeted enthusiasm for Arrival. Calling Adams "aces" as Banks, Chitwood also pointed out Arrival's beautiful cinematography -- courtesy of cinematographer, Bradford Young.

Of course, while a good performance and good-looking movie mean quite a bit, they're nothing without a skillful hand guiding the overall vision of the film. Luckily for Arrival, Denis Villeneuve handles the responsibilities beautifully. IMDB's own Keith Simanton compares the film favorably to Christopher Nolan's Inception by lauding Villeneuve's commitment to the world of good, old-fashioned sci-fi. In fact, he even goes on to insinuate that Arrival actually executes many of its core ideas far better than Nolan's 2010 dream-based classic. That's high praise.

There you have it, folks. It looks like we may very well have yet another modern science fiction classic on our hands with Denis Villeneuve's Arrival - not to mention potentially one of the best movies of 2016. The critics generally seem to love it, which bodes well for the film when audiences finally get a chance to view it for themselves. We will keep you up to date with any and all relevant details related to Arrival's wide theatrical release as more information becomes available to us. Arrival will debut later this fall on November 11, 2016, and it sounds like you won't want to miss it.

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