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What The New Jumanji Movie May Be About

Jumanji Remake

Updating a classic film property is one of the most difficult things to do in Hollywood. Not only do that cast and crew have to capture the magic of the original, but they also must avoid stepping on the toes of die-hard fans. We saw that exact same thing happen earlier this summer with Paul Feig's recent attempt to remake Ghostbusters, and the film clearly suffered as a result. One of the next major Hollywood updates coming down the pipe is the next Jumanji film, but the newly leaked plot sounds like it will take the franchise in a very different direction. Check out the tweet below.

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That tweet comes to us courtesy of Mashable's Jeff Sneider, and it seems to indicate a very different approach to the Jumanji mythos than anything that we have seen before. If we are to believe the reports, it looks like the new Jumanji film will follow a group of teenagers in detention at their school, who find themselves sucked into the titular game. Once inside of Jumanji, their bodies will take on the form of "avatars" and they will go on a dangerous mission to locate a hidden jewel in an exotic jungle. Not bad, Jumanji, we're on board.

One of the most interesting things to note about the avatars in the upcoming film is the way in which they relate to the children. It seems that the actors chosen to play the main roles in this film won't simply be aged up versions of the kids -- they will be entirely different people. For example, the teenager turns into Jack Black's character in Jumanji will reportedly be a female in the real world. Although it's somewhat bizarre, this should make for some great body swap comedy, in addition to the pulse-pounding adventures.

Although this overall narrative has not been confirmed, it seems further corroborated by a recent report from THR, which also makes reference to the use of avatar bodies for real world kids. In this case, the report mentions that up-and-comer Alex Wolff has been cast as the teenage version of Dwayne Johnson's character.

If you were afraid that the upcoming Jumanji movie would be a complete retread of what came before it, it looks like you may no longer have to worry. The idea of the game sucking these kids into the Jumanji world is a complete inversion of the original film's premise, but it also feels natural and appropriate for the universe. If nothing else, it's becoming pretty clear that the latest Jumanji will feel wholly distinct from what came before it. We will just have to wait and see whether or not it stands on its own merit.

Cinema Blend will bring you more details related to the upcoming release of the next Jumanji film as more information becomes available. The film will hit theaters on July 28, 2017.

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