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MacGruber 2 is one of those sequels that gets brought up every few years -- usually when SNL alum Will Forte is busy promoting another comedy -- but never makes real ground on the production side. Everyone involved with MacGruber says they want to do another one, but nothing of significance ever really happens. Until this magical Tweet:

Even Jorma Taccone, part of the Lonely Island and the director of the original MacGruber, seems incredulous that he's able to share what is being called a "Super Duper Rough" draft of the sequel. If that's, in fact, what this is. I'm not 100% sure what ELSE it could be. And dropping a Hashtag on his fan base for no good reason would just be mean, and I don't think Taccone is that cruel.

Released in 2010, MacGruber was a feature-length -- and foul-mouthed -- take on Will Forte's Saturday Night Live skit, in which he plays a bumbling version of Richard Dean Anderson's MacGuyver. The repetitive skit usually found MacGruber in some elaborate danger, though MacGruber never really succeeded in getting himself out of danger before a bomb went off.

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The original MacGruber movie wasn't a smash hit, earning only $9.3 million on a global scale. But the movie absolutely found a MUCH larger audience on cable and home video, becoming a quotable cult hit and increasing the demand for a sequel. It helped that the feature-length film took advantage of its R rating, including its memorable and incredible graphic sex scene between Forte and Kristen Wiig.

But really, we have been writing about the possibility of MacGruber 2 for years. We have stories on this site dating back to 2012 where Forte has teased the movie, then crushed our dreams for the film, and then raised our interest levels back up. It always seemed like a MacGruber 2 was possible, but the recent financial failure of the Lonely Island movie, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, led me to believe that Jorma Taccone would have a harder time mounting a new project that didn't seem like a home run.

Is MacGruber 2 a home run? Hard to say. The fan base is loud, but is it large? We may find out if Taccone's Tweet is the harbinger of things to come. Stay tuned.