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There has been a lot of talk about who may be the actor to play James Bond in his next outing. However, producers appear to be united in their choice, assuming they can get him. While there have been several different names attached as possible replacements for Daniel Craig, those in charge of the franchise aren't looking at any of them. They want Daniel Craig back. End of story.

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Following the release of Spectre last year, it seemed like the last thing Daniel Craig ever wanted to do was play James Bond again. He actually said at one point that he'd rather slash his wrists than play the part again. Much of that level of antagonism can probably be chalked up to the stress of making the films, and the fact that Spectre had just come out. However, while numerous other actors have expressed some interest in playing James Bond, were the role to come available, The Hollywood Reporter is quoting executive producer Callum McDougall as saying that Craig is still the "first choice" for Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, chief producers of the franchise.

The most important thing that this statement confirms, is that nothing has yet been confirmed. If Daniel Craig had specifically told the producers that he would not be playing the part again, Callum McDougall wouldn't be speaking of the actor as their first choice. Conversely, if Craig has already accepted the part, then Ion Productions would likely be shouting this from the rooftops to let the whole world know. It appears that Craig has yet to make a decision, which conflicts with some of the things we've heard, but that happens.

We'd also heard that MGM had offered Daniel Craig a metric zebraload of money to play James Bond twice more, though it appears those rumors were more fantasy than reality. However, one has to assume there is a solid chunk of cash on the table to try and entice Craig to return if he is their first choice, and that money may be playing a part in why he has yet to decide.

Of course, even knowing all of this, we still have to ask the obvious next question. Who's the second choice? Wanting Craig back is all well and good but the fact that he hasn't agreed to come back yet means that he may choose not to do so. The producers must have somebody in the back of their mind as a potential new Bond. Names like Tom Hiddleston and Damien Lewis have come up in the past as possible front runners. Much like Daniel Craig, we've heard the occasional rumor that one actor or another might be out of the running, but it's unlikely that anybody has been entirely discounted if they're not actually looking for somebody yet.

Would you also like to see James Bond return, or are you looking forward to a new super spy? Let us know what you think down below.

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