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Selma Blair and Ron Perlman in Hellboy 2

Adaptations of popular comic book properties seem to be everywhere nowadays. Between the various cinematic universes and the myriad TV shows currently in development, it seems like adapting comic book characters has never been easier. But that's not the case for the Hellboy franchise, which produced two films in the early 2000's, but failed to reach the notoriety that other projects within the genre have picked up. And with nostalgia becoming such a popular trend in Hollywood, director Guillermo del Toro recently tried (to no avail) to bring back the franchise. But there is a way that it can continue.

Hellboy himself, actor Ron Perlman, has always been very active with his fans on Twitter. One of his many Hellboy fans made a revelation about the franchise, and Perlman seems to think that it might not be totally dead. Check it out.

In the above tweet, Ron Perlman agrees that perhaps the Hellboy franchise isn't dead after all. While he and Guillermo del Toro won't be involved in the franchise moving forward, someone else could easily take up the mantle(s) and expand the universe sometime in the future.

News that Hellboy 3 was once again dead in the water came just a few days ago, to the chagrin of its droves of loyal fans. Guillermo del Toro took to Twitter to reveal to fans that his attempt to bring the property back to the silver screen and failed. In fact, he said that the third movie was 100 percent not happening, which is a refreshingly transparent answer. However, del Toro did keep it classy, wishing the best for the future of the property.

Talk of a possible third Hellboy movie increased a bit in the last few months. Series star Ron Perlman repeatedly stated he'd be interested in becoming the red guy again, which set fans into a frenzy. Guillermo del Toro fanned the flames of this excitement by using Twitter to gage fan interest. And with the fandom giving a resounding yes, he began to reach out to the higher ups at the studio. Alas, it was all for naught, and he won't be directing a third installment.

The Hellboy films are very unique comic book adaptations. Hellboy is one of the lesser known comic heroes, so one would think that drumming up excitement for his silver screen adventures would be difficult. But just the opposite happened, as 2004's Hellboy recouped its investment and was met with positive critical reception. A sequel was released in 2008 called Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which saw the full cast reprising their roles. The sequel made even more money than the first, and was once again critically applauded.

But it's been nearly a decade since Hellboy was last seen on the silver screen, which was likely the reason why Guillermo del Toro was rejected by the studio. A possible Hellboy sequel would have way more competition than its predecessors, as the MCU, DCEU, and X-Men franchise seem to own the market on comic book movies.

Be sure to check back with us at CinemaBlend for updates on any possible Hellboy movies in the future.

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