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While most folks have been looking forward to the Academy Awards' big ticket awards show tonight, NASCAR fans had their big season opener today with the Daytona 500. So with speed, precision, and danger on the menu, it seemed like a good time to drop a Cars 3 trailer. And sure enough, a new look at the "next generation" of racing hardware that will be putting Lightning McQueen in its crosshairs. Get your first look at Jackson Storm, in the new trailer below.

Disney / Pixar dropped this look at Jackson during the Daytona 500's festivites, and for the most part, this new look is focused on Jackson Storm's new features. While Storm definitely looks like the future of race car driving, the focus of the preview ultimately shifts to that of Lightning McQueen, the now long in the tooth driver. With his accident replayed yet again on screen, his condition looks just as bad as it could possibly be. But now, we've gotten a look at how McQueen just might put himself on the road to recovery, and it's quite thrilling.

With dirt tracks, fire traps, and a constant reassurance that while he can't "turn the clock back" he can certainly "wind it up again,"Cars 3 looks like it's eschewing the Mater heavy shenanigans from Cars 2 and heading back to what's basically the true story of the Cars franchise: Lightning McQueen's journey from set-back to superstar. To be fair, we kind of wish that this was the direction that the last Cars film had taken, as it really was the heart of what these movies should have been about. Focusing on Mater was a big problem, and it looks like Cars 3 has acknowledged this and adjusted course accordingly.

There's a good chance that Cars 3 could be a fantastic redemption for the series on the whole, but there's always the chance that the specter of Mater could still haunt this film's chances for success. It's too early to tell, but it looks like the rivalry between Jackson Storm and Lightning McQueen could be enough material to keep the film busy. In any case, Disney Pixar looks like it's got another winner that could possibly take the field of summer by storm.

Cars 3 crosses the finish line into theaters on June 16th.

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