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The Purge 4 Has Found Its Director

The Purge killers

The Purge trilogy wrapped up last year with the release one The Purge: Election Year, but the franchise is far from over. It was announced in February that The Purge 4 was officially in the works, but this time, creator James DeMonaco would only return as a producer, leaving the director's chair vacant. Now the fourth installment has found DeMoanco's successor in Burning Sands director Gerard McMurray.

Six months after Burning Sands premiered at the Sundance Film Festival (where it was acquired by Netflix), it's been announced (via THR) that Gerard McMurray has officially boarded The Purge 4 as its director/ This makes him the first person to helm one of these movies other than James DeMonaco, who, in addition to producing, also wrote The Purge 4's script. Burning Sands marked McMurray's feature length directorial debut, before that working helming the shorts The Daily Grill and Battle Buddy, as well as being an associate producer on Fruitvale Station. The Purge 4 marks his jump into Hollywood territory, so it will be interesting to see how his directing style compares to what DeMonaco brought for the first three Purge movies.

In case you missed out on the first three Purge movies, the franchise takes place in an alternate United States where a new totalitarian government passed the 28th Amendment, which made it so that once a year within a 12 hour period, all crime, from theft to murder, is legal. By the time of The Purge: Election Year, this horrific initiative has been around for several decades, but at the end of that movie, the 28th Amendment was overturned thanks to the efforts of Senator Charlie RoanThe series could have ended right then and there, but Universal is keeping this deadly cinematic train going.

No plot details for The Purge 4 have been announced yet, last year before the fourth installment was officially greenlit, James DeMonaco expressed interest in having it be a prequel that explores how the country got a point where it allowed people to kill to their heart's content for half a day. Given that DeMonaco is the one crafting the story, that makes it seem likely that's the story audiences will see, though in the time since he made those comments, perhaps he's found a way to make The Purge 4 pick up after The Purge: Election Year.

It's also worth mentioning that a Purge TV series is in development, and it will reportedly be a prequel series that in addition to showing one of the annual Purges, it will also explore what life is like in this United States during the other 364 days of the year and how this law affects people. If the show's premise clashes too much with what James DeMonaco originally had in mind for The Purge 4, narrative changes might be necessary. In any case, stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on The Purge franchise's future on both the big and small screen.

You can catch The Purge 4 in theaters on July 4, 2018.

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