christopher plummer in all the money in the world, replaces kevin spacey

We've been hearing an inordinate amount about Ridley Scott's All The Money in the World in recent weeks. The movie was all set to hit theaters this holiday season, when the news about Kevin Spacey harassing younger actors broke. Ridley Scott made the quick decision to totally pull the actor's scenes from the movie and reshoot the chunks of the film featuring the character of J. Paul Getty with Christopher Plummer in the role. Even more amazingly, he got it shot and edited swiftly, maintaining All The Money in the World would achieve its planned December 22 released date. Only now the movie won't be released on December 22 after all.

News broke this week that Sony is pushing back the release of All The Money in the World by a few days. The studio has decided to shift the movie to December 25, as that will separate the movie from the Hugh Jackman starrer The Greatest Showman. Although that's PG and a musical, I'm assuming the two movies might compete because All The Money in the World and The Greatest Showman are both based on true stories and both have a period bent, albeit in different historical periods. They also both have big name leads in terms of awards consideration. While the Ridley Scott production is being distributed by Sony, Fox is distributing Michael Gracey's movie.

Deadline also mentions that December 25 just so happens to be the biggest moviegoing day for holiday movies, and it seems like the thought is All The Money in the World may gain some traction by getting released a few days later.

Regardless of the reasons, there's something humorous about the whole idea that Ridley Scott pulled in Christopher Plummer (who he had always liked for the role anyway) in early November and brought back Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg for extensive reshoots. Then, the director did everything he could to reshoot and edit the film quickly so that the movie would hit its targeted release date, only to have Sony change the date at the last minute. I'm well aware that this will only be a three-day difference in release dates and the movie will likely still see a goodly number of eyeballs show up; it's just really amusing to think about. It's also just a reminder of how intense and fast-paced the movie business can be at times.

So, now you can catch All The Money in the World on Christmas Day, and not slightly before. A ton of other movies are coming out this holiday season, so if you aren't really up on all the options that are going to be out there beyond the titles in this article--and, of course, Star Wars: The Last Jedi--be sure to scope out all of the other holiday releases with our full movie release schedule.

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