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One Star Wars: The Force Awakens Plot Simon Pegg Pitched To J.J. Abrams

Unkar Plutt Simon Pegg Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Many people know that Simon Pegg plays a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, it turns out Pegg's influence on the movie went far beyond that, as he actually suggested a scene be included in the movie. During a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Pegg revealed that he suggested to director J.J. Abrams that his character of Unkar Plutt should return after the Millennium Falcon left Jakku. While the scene didn't make it into the final film, Pegg doesn't really care. According to the actor...

And I shot my scenes on Jakku, which is a sort of desert planet. And then I emailed J.J. Abrams and said, 'Look, the Millennium Falcon, in the original Star Wars, the Empire put a homing beacon on the Falcon and traced it to Yavin IV, the rebel base at the end. What if the homing beacon was still on board and Unkar activated it and used it to track Rey to the Maz's palace? And then he could catch up with her there and have another scene?' And J.J. was like, 'Yeah, OK!' So, we shot this scene where Unkar catches up to Rey and he's gonna shoot her and Chewbacca pulls his arm off and like throws it across the room. It wasn't in the film at the end because J.J. realized it was pointless, but I was like, 'I don't care. It happened!'

It seems that Simon Pegg was having so much fun being in a Star Wars movie that he went looking for a reason to justify being in it more. He explains to Stephen Colbert that he explained Unkar's return by arguing that the Imperial homing beacon from the original film might still be on the Millennium Falcon. I'm not sure I buy that argument. In that film, Leia is already convinced they're being tracked and when the Death Star shows up on the doorstep one would think Han would go looking for tracking devices. Still, there's every reason to believe Unkar Plutt would put his own beacon on board the Millennium Falcon just in case it went missing.

While Simon Pegg's extra scene didn't make it in the final version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the scene was shot. If you check out the deleted scenes on the movie's Blu-ray edition, you can see it. We knew the scene had existed, though the fact that Pegg was the one behind it is an interesting new wrinkle. Check out the scene below.

You can't really blame Simon Pegg for trying to be a bigger part of Star Wars. He's a fan like the rest of us and just didn't want to leave, and who among us wouldn't want to have their arms ripped off by Chewbacca?

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