Morgan Freeman Accused Of Inappropriate Behavior On Going In Style, Now You See Me

Morgan Freeman in Going in Style

It's certainly been a harrowing year in the entertainment world, as myriad accusations of sexual misconduct have dominated the conversation and overall landscape of the business. Harvey Weinstein's downfall broke open the dam, as more and more powerful men have been brought to task for their reported behavior. While there have been less new accusations in the past month or so, a new report has just gone public, focusing on 80-year-old Morgan Freeman being inappropriate with women.

The story was has just arrived via CNN, and is a long exposé with various stories and accusations included. The investigation actually CNN's own Chloe Melas, who co-wrote the long report on Freeman's alleged behavior. Melas met the actor at a press junket in 2017 for his heist comedy film Going in Style. Melas was six months pregnant at the time, and she says that Morgan Freeman began acting inappropriately after they shook hands. He reportedly kept repeating that he wanted to "be in there" in regards to her physical appearance, while also saying that she was "ripe." The first comment can actually be heard via the camera recording the interview.

Chloe Melas maintains the alleged interaction was in view of co-stars Michael Caine and Alan Arkin as well as Warner Bros.' press teams, and was troubling enough that she went to her supervisor at CNN. Ultimately it was all chocked up to hearsay, but inspired Melas to investigate Morgan Freeman's behavior over the years.

Chloe Melas' experience isn't the only allegation tied to Morgan Freeman and the movie Going in Style. In the same report, an anonymous PA on the movie alleged that Freeman harassed her for months, including unwanted touching and comments about her personal appearance by the Academy Award winning actor. The only way that the anonymous young professional was eventually free from the harassment is when co-star Alan Arkin reportedly told him to knock it off.

Another accuser spoke to CNN who was reportedly a fairly high ranking member of production during the blockbuster Now You See Me. That source alleges that she and her female assistant were constantly harassed onset by Morgan Freeman, as he made comments about their appearance. Ultimately that accuser says she and the assistant eventually stopped wearing anything form fitting, in order to avoid unwanted comments from Freeman.

Ultimately, the report reveals total of 16 people spoke to CNN about the investigation into Morgan Freeman, with eight of them alleging they were victims of harassment or other inappropriate behavior by the actor. One accuser says that Freeman's business partner Lori McCreary might have also been in the room. The accusers' names were ultimately kept private, so it's unclear how this might ultimately affect him in the future.

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Corey Chichizola
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