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Jessica Chastain Teases X-Men: Dark Phoenix Reshoots With New Video

Since the last X-Men film in 2016, the franchise has seriously stepped up their game with Logan in 2017 and a satisfying sequel to Deadpool earlier this summer. While we may be ready to revisit Professor X and his crew of gifted mutants again with the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the film isn't ready just yet. The movie was previously set to premiere in November 2018, but a decision was made to push the release back to February 2019, due to necessary reshoots. Jessica Chastain confirmed that they are currently underway in Montreal, Canada with a goofy short video featuring her in costume and director and writer Simon Kinberg back on set to finish up the highly-anticipated project. Take a look.

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With a little under six months left until X-Men: Dark Phoenix is released, the talented cast and crew are still hard at work to make sure they get The Dark Phoenix Saga just right this time around. This little Instagram tease posted by Jessica Chastain, features Simon Kinberg sporting some filter sunglasses as Chastain pops out into the frame in her character transformation. Chastain's role in Dark Phoenix has been pretty much kept under wraps, although we do know she will be an "otherworldly shape-shifter" who wants to control the powerful Phoenix force that Jean Gray, played by Sophie Turner, starts to wrestle with in the film.

While rumors that X-Men: Dark Phoenix would originally undergo three months of reshoots startled fans as to how many changes were being made, it was later reported that they would be much more routine. Dark Phoenix is only said to take around two and a half weeks to revisit the set, which is pretty standard for a film of this scale. The altered release date of February 14 could actually be beneficial to the release, as February has recently seen huge success for the superhero genre. This year, Black Panther came out during the same weekend and broke some serious records for the genre. In 2016, Deadpool also saw an advantage to coming out on Valentine's Day, without the competition of other big holiday releases.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will serve as a bit of a redo for director and writer Simon Kinberg who had a hand in the disappointment X-Men: The Last Stand was, when it attempted to tackle Jean Grey's run-in with the Dark Phoenix. By staying onboard with the X-Men franchise, Kinberg has been able to right his wrongs before, with X-Men: Days of Future's Past, where he used the time-travel element in the story to bring Jean Grey back from the dead and erase the events in The Last Stand. Dark Phoenix will also mark the filmmakers directorial debut, so the pressure of getting it right this time is sure to motivate Kinberg as he starts to wrap up the project.

Set in the '90s, X-Men favorites such as Professor X, Magneto, Quicksilver, Cyclops, Beast, Storm and Mystique will return in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a dramatic superhero film focusing on Jean Grey's story. X-Men: Dark Phoenix will debut on February 14, 2019, but for what you can watch through the end of this year, check out our 2018 movie release schedule.

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