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It takes a nation of millions to hold us back or at least two faulty microphones. Yes, the Blendcast is a day late because technology can sometimes be a bitchy mistress. Fear not though, loyal listener, this week’s day-late episode packs a stiff load. Hocus Pocus, the Boondock Saints sequel, beer pong--it all stimulates the mind, except a three year old diatribe about Mack and Brian’s stolen remote control. That stimulates the mean-mugging gland. Yes, some cocksucker stole it. And they’re still searching for the culprit.

Whether you listen in spite of the dirty words or specifically because of them, you’re gonna wanna hit up this shit. Brain is back from Vegas, Trevor is all giddy over Big Fan and Mack admits to laughing at dead peacocks. Dueling horror flicks topped the boxoffice, sandwiched around Tarantino’s newest, and Marvel was purchased by Disney. Not sure what to think? Steal our opinions. We’re not relevant enough to get you caught plagiarizing yet.

Warning!: This week’s Blendcast is smelly with verbal putrescence. F-bombs and antiestablishment malarkey are stuck along the sides. Shut your mouth, close your legs and listen. We won’t tell mom.

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