Watch Eddie Vedder Sing ‘Maybe It’s Time’ From A Star Is Born

A Star is Born was a massive theatrical hit but the part of the movie that is clearly going to have the longest legs is going to be the music. Lady Gaga's "Shallow" won an Oscar as well as several other awards, but that's not the only hit song that has come from the movie. Recently, Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder performed the song "Maybe It's Time" as a solo acoustic number and it's pretty close to perfect. Check it out.

While "Shallow" is the song that gets all the attention, I think there are a couple of pieces in A Star is Born that are actually better songs and "Maybe It's Time," written by Jason Isbell, is one of them. Eddie Vedder's performance at the Innings Music Festival in Tempe, Arizona is simple but the song lends itself to that sort of interpretation. While Bradley Cooper's character in A Star is Born is certainly capable of loud raucous songs, this isn't one of them.

It's fitting that Eddie Vedder would perform "Maybe It's Time." Vedder and Bradley Cooper are personal friends and Cooper has said that he spent a lot of time with the singer in order to learn what he needed to know in order to play the part of Jackson Maine. While Cooper says that Vedder mainly helped him with little details about the inner workings of the music industry, it's hard to claim that Vedder didn't have some influence on the character himself, however unintentional that may have been.

The song is essentially the theme song for the character of Jackson Maine. He's looking back on his life and career and trying to figure what his way forward is. While Vedder has never seemingly had a problem figuring out how to navigate his future, he's been making music professionally for over 30 years and probably has a lot of thoughts about where his career has taken him in that time.

When A Star is Born first came out many expected it to be the film to beat come awards season. While the movie didn't do badly for itself, it wasn't the powerhouse many expected it to be. Lady Gaga was frequently defeated in the Best Actress category by Glenn Close. The movie was frequently nominated for Best Picture but it wasn't able to pull out the wins.

One can expect that Lady Gaga will make a song like "Shallow" and others from A Star is Born part of her regular repertoire. It will be interesting to see if other singers follow Eddie Vedder's lead and help other songs from the film live on by performing them. It will be interesting to see if the ultimate legacy of the movie comes from the music.

Dirk Libbey
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