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We've seen plenty of comics and sci-fi so far at Comic Con, but how about some horror for a change of pace? Guillermo del Toro and Troy Nixey are about to take the stage to introduce their new film and I'm here to bring it to you minute by minute.

2:38 Heading out on to the stage: Troy Nixey and Guillermo Del Toro

2:30 First teaser trailer shows. Starts with some seriously creepy whispering, ends with a terrific jump scare. Full sequence of the movie coming at the end.

2:42 Guillermo talks about how he first watched this movie as a kid and how much it scared him. After years of trying to track it down, he finally decided to do it himself. Started the process in the late 90s, didn't want to change what made it great

2:44 Del Toro: "The Sesame Street word of the day is 'motherfucker'"

2:46 Nixy's second favorite film is The Devil's Backbone. The first is Charlie Chaplin's The Kid

2:49 No sexual situations or profanity but this movie still gets an R rating because of "pervasive scariness." When asked if anything can be done, the MPAA replied "Why ruin a perfectly good horror film?"

2:50 The movie is about an ancient chimney with evil spirits that is discovered by a young girl and her step mother. The evil beings then try to destroy them.

2:52 Show the movies prologue. Takes place in 1918 and shows the origin of the ash pit.

2:59 After watching a mere seven minutes of this film, I can tell you that this movie will have a serious effect. There are some incredible scares here.

3:00 Del Toro: "This movie is as serious as a fucking attack of gonorrhea"

3:01 Del Toro says he likes to see humor in horror films, citing Joe Dante and John Landis, but he hates it when it's used as a crutch.

3:02 Del Toro has plans to make a movie for premium cable that will be announced in the coming months. This dude is busy!

3:04 Nixey working on an animation film for his potential next project.

3:06 Del Toro is thinking of a vampires vs. masked wrestlers movie. In the immediate future he is thinking of an animation directly linked to Mexican folklore.

3:09 Another project, in addition to The Haunted Mansion, the premium cable movie and Mexican folklore animation, is in the works for Del Toro. This is getting nuts.

3:11 Cronos was the only film where Del Toro didn't feel the pressure and fear pressing down on him.

3:16 Del Toro believes that it is good for the soul to never break from your roots. He actively tries to bring more and more Mexican people in to work on his movies.

3:20 Nixey has a script set up called Simple Machines and is ready to start on another script. Del Toro is going to "eat four chocolates and get a stretch mark". In reality, they are actively developing a strange Pinochio film. Going to announce a horror film to shoot in May very soon. He's also actively working on a game development, The Haunted Mansion, a book and some live-action theater.

3:22 Del Toro spent two years in New Zealand working on The Hobbit. He designed 98% of the first movie, had 50%-60% of the second movie. It was enough to say that it was a unique take, but anything that was in canon referenced back to Peter Jackson's trilogy. As a fan, he hopes that the movies get made as soon as possible and wants Jackson to make them.

3:23 That's all she wrote folks!

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