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After the news came out yesterday that Warner Bros. would be releasing the Broadway musical adaptation of Rock of Ages onJune 1, 2012, director Adam Shankman sent out a Tweet saying, "I just heard the news: #rockofagesmovie is being released June 1, 2012. I guess I better start making it soon... Rehearsals start in 2 weeks." That could explain why two new bits of casting news just came up.

Deadline reports (in separate stories) is reporting that Paul Giamatti will be joining the cast and Amy Adams is being courted for a part in Rock of Ages. Giamatti will play the manager of Arsenal, the band led by Stacee Jax, who is being played by Tom Cruise; while Adams is being considered for the part that was offered to Anne Hathaway last month (who will be unavailable due to the fact that she will be playing with Batman in The Dark Knight Rises). Should the actress choose to accept the part, she will play a journalist who ends up sleeping with Jax.

While I'm not exactly what you'd call a "musical kind of guy," I must say that I am impressed by the names being put together so far. In addition to the above, Mary J. Blige, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, and Julianne Hough have all been locked in and it's hard for me to be too upset about a soundtrack that includes Twisted Sister, Journey and Pat Benatar. You have to wonder who will pop up next.

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