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Hot off the blue and red boots of news he's producing Hollywood's second movie about gnomes, Robert Zemeckis is taking a long hard look at his directing career, and in doing so, may be returning to the world of airplane disasters he found so much success with in Cast Away. The acclaimed helmer is in serious negotiations to handle Flight, a finished script by John Gatins who wrote Real Steel, Zemecki's next production credit about boxing robots.

Flight follows an airplane pilot who's universally lauded after several daring maneuvers saved his passengers from an impending plane crash. Heavily under the influence at the time, he's encouraged to just go with it by pretty much all involved, but the lingering guilt gnaws away at him until he's unsure if he can keep up the façade. It's kind of like Adam Sandler's aptly titled Just Go With It, except likely entirely different in every other way.

Doesn't that sound awesome? Once upon a time, there was no director in the business better at picking projects than Robert Zemeckis. He was like the Tom Hanks of the helming game. Sure, there were more talented, maybe even better directors out there, but none whose names were more synonymous with quality. Between 1984 and 1994, Zemeckis crushed with Romancing The Stone, three Back To The Future's, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Death Becomes Her and Forrest Gump. Unfortunately, with no live action credits since 2000's wonderful Cast Away and a few animated misses like Beowulf, that reputation has begun eroding a bit. Hopefully, this is the project that brings it all back.

According to Deadline, the deal for Zemeckis to direct Flight is far from done yet. If he moves forward on it, the film will likely begin production sometime this summer, but if he bails, it'll likely be toned down a bit and refashioned as more of a character study with a smaller budget. It must be nice to wield that much power.

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