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When I visited the set of the new James Bond movie Skyfall earlier this week, for the reports you can read here, they were on location in what was ostensibly an authentic Istanbul bazaar. But though everything surrounding it was real-- including the enormous mosque and the booths selling everything from leeches and pigeons to teakettles-- the bazaar itself, and even the antique-looking fountain at its center, were totally fabricated by the art department. It's an amazing task, building something fake that looks so real, and in the latest video blog from, that amazing job gets highlighted in a video focusing on Production Designer Dennis Gassner. Take a look below.

The Skyfall production spent months shooting at Pinewood Studios outside of London, and it's not hard to see why-- the elaborate sets they built there, from the MI:6 headquarters to some kind of fake, glassy Chinese office building, clearly deserve a lot of time spent in them. And impressive as the Istanbul set was, it doesn't really hold a candle to the amazing task of building an entire structure out of nothing.

On a separate note, don't you love hearing how Judi Dench trained as a set designer? Is there anything that woman can't do?

Skyfall comes to theaters November 9. For everything else we know about it, visit our Blend Film Database.

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