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Director Fernando Meirelles is looking for a rebound. After blowing both critics and audiences away with the one-two punch that was City of God and The Constant Gardener in 2002 and 2005, he took a misstep in 2008 when he directed Blindness. Though the movie had a stellar cast that included Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Gael Garcia Bernal, Danny Glover, Alice Braga and Sandra Oh, and was based on a popular novel, it wound up getting a mixed reaction from critics and underwhelmed at the box office, managing to make only a little more than $3 million domestically.

With 360, however, he has the chance to get back. He once again has assembled an all star cast and features a complex story based on a script by Peter Morgan. We debuted the film's first poster late last week here on Cinema Blend, and today Apple has delivered the first trailer. Check it out below and head over there to see it in HD.

Starring Rachel Weisz, Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law and Ben Foster, 360 is a multilayered story about a group of characters from different backgrounds that begin engaging in physical relationships an must deal with the consequences of doing so. The film played at last year's Toronto International Film Festival, where it was picked up by Magnolia Pictures. It will receive a limited release on August 3rd. Head over to our Blend Film Database to learn more about the movie.

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